Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WVID Supervisory Board Meeting 7/22/14

The monthly meeting of the West Villages Improvement District Supervisory Board was held yesterday. For the most part, there were no significant new items to report. A few of the items that have been of ongoing concern were delayed on decisions, like the sod replacement along Tamiami Trail/US 41, due to new members wanting time to review the particulars. So, it was stated that a workshop would likely be established to bring new members up to speed on what plans are currently in place and which items might require decision-making going forward.

A couple of figures from the presentation of assessment methodology calculations during last month's meeting were noted. The number of pre-Lennar owners in Gran Paradiso was adjusted from 26 to 30, and the total lot count that Lennar plans to build on was lowered from 875 to 870. Still as mentioned with the original presentation, pre-Lennar landowners' assessments were lowered 24% with this year's methodology prior to last, but they do pay higher rates than their Lennar neighbors. It was said that these were the only, and very minor, corrections.

It was also said that the annual fiscal audit was recently completed by Grau and Associates and should be posted for review in the near future. It was approved to enter into a three year agreement with two year renewal options with this firm for future audits.

The majority of the meeting was comprised of reviewing and approving new agreement documents that will remove Sam Rodgers Properties from unit plans in place of the new owner, Lennar. Sam Rodgers and representatives from Lennar were present at the meeting to follow proceedings and to make comment, if needed, on proposed documents. I had to leave the meeting a little early, but there were no noteworthy items in this category worthwhile of mention.

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