Wednesday, December 2, 2015

West Villages Improvement District Supervisory Board Meeting Nov. 2015 Info

Much of the following is taken from the recently proposed updated master plan to Unit 1 (common areas planning) in the West Villages Improvement District to assign remaining bond funds. The proposed plan was accepted at the last WVID meeting on November 24th. 

WVID Public Infrastructure Improvements Master Plan Components
Unit 1 was formed in order to finance District-wide improvements and also to finance standards development and master planning activities required to develop public infrastructure plans for the Unit (the “Project”). The improvements as well as the standards development and master planning for the Unit will be consistent with the City of North Port Comprehensive Plan and Implementing Ordinances, studies, plans, and may include:
  • §    Preparation and Development of Regulatory Standards and Procedures
  • §    Master Planning for Public Infrastructure needs
  • §    Alignment of future Units and Allocation of Benefit methodologies and procedures
  • §    Roadways, including thoroughfares, arterial, collector, or local streets
  • §    Stormwater Improvements
  • §    Master Irrigation facilities
  • §    Roadways Landscape, Lighting, Signage, and Furnishings
  • §    Roadways Gateway features
  • §    Park and Recreation improvements
  • §    Fire/ Rescue, Law Enforcement, Solid Waste, and General Government related facilities contributions to the City of North Port
  • §    School sites
  • §    Engineering and Contingencies

Estimated Cost of Improvements
Table 1 lists the components of the Plan of Improvements for Unit of Development No. 1, together with their estimated costs of design, implementation and construction. The Table also includes an estimate of administrative, engineering and legal fees, and contingencies associates with the improvements. The Table is divided into two sections, those being projects previously constructed and those planned for future construction.

In other news from the last WVID meeting, the budget for 2015/2016 has now been finalized. Check the link for the detailed budget and comparisons to prior years, if you are so inclined. The resodding along 41 is progressing as planned. And, thanks to a regular WVID meeting attendee (IslandWalk resident and neighbor, Paul Nienaber) it appears that two property appraisals may be obtained in the future for district involved land deals. This is good news as there has been concern from some members of the public in past that the appraisals obtained seemed overinflated. Hopefully, multiple value opinions will either correct any problems that have existed or quell concerns going forward, whichever the case may be.

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