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From Major Road Renovations in Venice


Major road renovations in Venice

Contact Christopher at  Published: Jan 3, 2018

In 2016, Venice voters approved a 30-million dollar project to resurface aging roadways in the city. This includes most of the roads in the downtown area and the one heading out to the jetty.
The construction company has been dividing the work into multiple sections. Drivers of these roadways will see major changes over the next two weeks. The contractor will be removing the old asphalt pavement and installing new asphalt pavement over the next two weeks on the following roadways:

  • Madrid Avenue
  • The Esplanade
  • Maggiore Road
  • Valencia Road
  • Avenue des Parques
  • Pensacola Road
  • Milan Avenue
  • Turin Street
  • Venezia Parkway
  • Verona Street
  • Nassau Street
  • Sorrento Street
  • Palermo Place
  • Serata Street
  • Sovrano Road
  • Alley between Tampa Avenue and Nokomis Avenue
  • Alley between Fiesole Street and San Marco Drive
  • Piazza Di Luna

In total, 70-lane miles are being resurfaced and that means roads with lanes going in both directions. Once this latest round of roadways is done, it will mark the halfway point for the project. The crews will make their way off the island towards the east end of the city of Venice.

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